Saturday, August 28, 2004


While we were waiting in line with a stack of spring plants, mom decided to add a little bag labeled Oriental Lilies. The spectacular blossoms above are from that bag. We got two stargazers and a white one that I haven't found the name of. There are three others that put out foliage but didn't bloom. I can hardly wait until spring.

The wonderful about Mother Nature is that she puts colors together that we wouldn't dream of pairing. I mean hot pink and burnt orange? But, it works.

The susans are still going strong, but looking a little frazzled. They've been going for more than a month now. The lavender is pretty well shot but still provides good hidey-holes for the local cats. Our porch is enclosed and I have a big window right by the computer desk. When it was raining last weekend, I looked up to see a curious kiitly looking back at me. Sleek little black one that lives next door.

Enjoyed Lisa's trip through the boomer years. I can relate. We also had a large freezer-and we filled it every year. Our yard was big enough for kids and a large garden. What we grew, we canned. The pantry in the garage held at least 400 jars and we filled it. My folks bought two things right after they got married. One was a sewing machine. The other was a pressure cooker. Sewing machine is a cabinet type and the actual machine has been replaced once. The pressure cooker has had a few gaskets replaced. If I really sat down and thought about it I could probably estimate how many jars have gone through it.

Dad worked in the timber industry. You could figure on losing at least a month every year because it was either too hot and dry to work or too wet. And believe me it had to be really wet and snowy to shut 'em down. He'd come home and mom would hang his wet weather gear on the line and turn the hose on it to wash the mud off. During the summer it was "Hoot Owlin'." The crews would head out about 2 in the morning. (This was before Daylight Savings Time-so it would start getting light about 4 am) They'd work until the humidity dropped below a certain point and come in. When the guys got home-they went to bed and the moms and kids headed for the local park by the river.

We had a four party phone line (imagine that) I can remember mom wrapping the phone in towels to muffle the rings.


mlraminiak said...

Yours is the story of the "country" opposed to me being a "suburban" boomer.  But there are similarities. Never had a party line, though...  Lisa  :-]

krobbie67 said...

Hey I can relate to yours too. I guess from living a little every where. :-) ---Robbie