Sunday, August 1, 2004


Went out this morning to do a video grab out front before the light got too bright to use the lcd screen on the video camera. Discovered a few new blossoms on the lavender stalks. The lavender patch is doubling as a bumble bee motel. As soon as the sunlight got bright enough and a few sunbeams got bright enough to warm them a little off they went to dance.

The spell of very hot weather pretty much wiped out the clematis and the glads. The black eyed susans are very happy as long as they have water. But, hey, at least our yard looks interesting long after all the local lawns have turned brown. Keeping grass green in this area is almost impossible. The neighborhood is built on a layer of clay and the water runs right off.

The cats became furry puddles and kept giving me that patented pussy cat glower. "This is your fault, why can't you do something about it."They are much happier this morning. Just enough sun to bask in, not enough to melt. I have to admit. I wouldn't like wearing a fur coat with no zippers.

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krobbie67 said...

I bet your yard looks great with all of those flowers. :-) ---Robbie