Saturday, August 7, 2004


This has been a very good day. Shot out a role of film this morning. Actually managed to do the whole roll in the front yard. The lily assortment we got last spring includes a spectacular star gazer lily. Film at 11-actually sometime tomorrow afternoon. I hope, I hope, I hope. I'll upload the best of the shots to my albums on Webshots. Darn,  I like the sound of that. Actually I've been pleased with the results I've been getting. Working on upping the percentage of shots that I really like. The picture on the film doesn't always match the picture in my mind. For anyone who is interested there is a link to Webshots in the favorite journals section.

We went out to one of the local truck gardens and replenished the veggie supplies. They had some half flats of blackberries that we just couldn't leave behind. Of course once we did that we had to make jam and pie filling. I think blackberry makes the most beautiful jams and jellies, the color is spectacular. Of course once you have jam you have to make something to put it on. Surprising how fast you can turn out a batch of rolls when you have the right motivation.

Lisa is doing the local Filbert Festival this weekend. The park is all of five blocks from here, so I'll look her up in the morning. I hope this event is more successful than the county fair they were working last weekend.

Got quite a surprise at work yesterday. Came in and there was a card and a beautiful dwarf calla lily on my desk. The card was from my fellow cubicle jockies congratulating on meeting my weight loss goals. Any little sniffles heard from my corner of the room were purely coincidental. These are a fantastic group of people. And not just becuase they gave me a flower.

I guess it's time the lower the curtin on this day and go get horizontal. May your night be as good as my day. :-)


mlraminiak said...

How nice of your office buddies!  What's the number, if I may ask?

See ya this afternoon!  :-]

krobbie67 said...

Congrats on the wonderful office buddies and the motivation for their kindness! And, thanks for the Webshots reminder. I like checking out your pics. :-) ---Robbie