Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Well it's official. Mom and I are now the shortest memebers of the family.

Within the family, It's reverse order. I'm taller than mom. My middle sister Robbie is taller than me and youngest, (my little sister who's taller than me) Colleen is the tallest at about 5'9". She married a guy who is 6'3".

Her youngest turned 12 this Spring and he's got about half an inch on me. It's a cliche, but it does seem just yesterday when we discovering the hard way just how far he could reach. He'd just found out what those things at the end of his legs were for. Next thing we knew he was helping himself to the milk jug. Fortunately it was almost empty because his reach definately exceeded his grasp. Heck he was only about a year old.

Time does fly. I can still hug him around the neck. I can just reach the next one, he's about 5'10". I have settle for a hug around the waist for the rest. Oh, five nephews. Age range is 12 to 19. All smart and all healthy. The rest is icing on the chocolate cake.

The weird thing is that both guys are the only boys in their families. And we end up with all boys. I've often wondered what it would have been like to have a neice. Oh well, may a grand niece.

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mlraminiak said...

And you're ALL taller than me...  Lisa  :-]