Friday, August 13, 2004


The router on the server at work was down for awhile yesterday. I took some of the time to clean up some of my files. I came across something I had written on break early last spring. I was feeling really down and discouraged over all the negativity, the war, so on, etc. I was planning to copy it into my journal and I might some day, but not today.

I wish I could invite all the cranky canddates, all the true believers with guns to come and take a walk in our garden. Granted it would be a short walk and they'd probably have to take a number. It's not all that big and it is definately a work in progress. Come back next year and it will look totally different.

But, it does help to refocus my outlook. Short of nuclear war or total climate collapse some things are not going to change. The bumblebees will be hanging out in the lavender and the coneflowers. The butterflies and the hummingbirds will be visiting the fuschias and the butterfly bush. The dragonflies will be taking station on the lilies and the crickets will be chirping. The swallows will be swooping and the finches will be checking out the thistle seed feeder long after we are all pushing up daisies.

I'm not down playing the problems of the world, far from it. But, come to my garden. Take a deep, really deep breath and let it out slowly. Have a late strawberry stil warm from the sun. Check out the tomatoes. Have a cup of tea. Watch the bees. Have another cup of tea. I'll make muffins. Somehow I think it'll be hard to stay mad at somebody while he's licking homemade blackberry jam and butter off his fingers and trying to catch up with the muffin crumbs.

Just remember that the world was here long before us. If we do our jobs right and Creator willing, it will be here long after we are memories.


donah42 said...

I wish...I could hang out in your garden! It sounds like a little piece of heaven.

mlraminiak said...

I took a short look into my garden today when we go home...and it isn't pretty.  Very neglected.  I'll come over to your house and sit in yours...  Lisa  :-]

krobbie67 said...

Your garden sounds like just the ticket. I'll send out a few million invites if you don't mind. But, I think I'll be greedy and put myself first in line. :-) ---Robbie