Thursday, August 26, 2004


I’m having fun following the release of study that followed a group of women for several years and evaluated the results of drinking non-diet sodas and juice drinks. I believe the study lasted for four or five years. The group that drank the equivalent of one soda or more a day gained an average of seventeen pounds more than the group that didn’t. I believe there was also a slightly higher incidence of diabetes.

Of course the beverage and sugar industries are up in arms. Since there are other studies that show that large-scale consumption of sugar substitutes also seems to lead to weight gain and other bad results. It would appear that consuming these products just isn’t a good idea.

Face it guys, you’ve had the food equivalent of a gold rush for about twenty years or so and the vein is tapped out. Attacking the science that gives you results you don’t like isn’t going to change the results.

Also, I’ve learned to be cautious when spokesmen described as nutritionists offer their opinions. If they work for the FDA or the USDA they have to be careful what they say or they have members of congress breathing down their necks after they receive outraged calls from their constituents. If you can find a copy, Food Politics is a great read. It takes a little extra time to work through the science but it’s worth it.

One of ou finance people treated us to lunch yesterday. Darn it, I’m just not in training for that Olive Garden heavy lifting anymore. I’ll stick to the soup and bread from now on and skip the pasta.


mlraminiak said...

Well, I DO drink diet soda, but not a ton of it...   Lisa :-]

krobbie67 said...

I'm not a diet drinker. I figure I'll take the negative results of suger before all these fake sweetners that cause who knows what. But, there'll be a test out soon saying that diets are better. What I have learned from all these studies is that it's all bad and we're going to die someday. Hmmmm...nothing new. :-) ---Robbie