Wednesday, November 16, 2005


The ads are bad enough, but I get the feeling they jumped the gun and didn't have their programming up to snuff. Bad move guys. But, I put in my years in retail and I'm really good at ignoring advertising. The mute button on the remote gets a good workout. If you scroll down just a little the ad is out of sight. Personally I think I'd find the e-mail address of the company involved and go at it from the other direction. Tell the company where you saw their ad and tell them you won't be blessing them with your business and why.

My dad used to take the junk mail he got and take the material from one company, put it in the return mail envelope for another company and send it off. That way they had to pay postage on a useless piece of mail.

Just a thought for the day from your friendly neighborhood subversive. :-)


thinkingoutloud said...

Great idea!

Niki :)

lisaram1955 said...

I sort of feel the same way about the ads...scroll down, and they go away.  Anyone who spends any time on the internet has already developed the knack of completely ignoring the stupid ads.  They suck, but they're a fact of internet life.  The biggest hassle is all the technical problems.  AOL sure stuck their foot into this one...  Lisa  :-]