Saturday, November 19, 2005


Clipped these out of some pictures I took this morning. Little guys were busy this morning. I really lucked out getting the little guy with the seed in his beak. Pure luck

Funny thing, It's actually easier to download pictures from my new camera to my OLD Mac. Partly becuase you do everything on the desktop and I really love the drag and drop option for dealing with pictures.

The U of O played the last conference game tonight. Officially it was the Civil War game against Oregon State. Personally I'm calling it the Fog Bowl. The fog came back in about four or so this afternoon and went right for the valley floor. It was so thick that the commentators were working off their monitors. There were times when about all you could see were the numbers on the players uniforms. The white on the OSU uniforms was blending in with the fog and the green uniforms on the U of O players was blending in with the green turf and the fog. Don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it. I can only imagine what the plays looked like to the audience at either end zone when it was goal to go.

Oregon won. I don't feel that great about seeing us wipe the field with OSU. Only the third time in the U of O's history that we've scored over fifty points in a game. We'll see what happens. If the fates are kind the U of O has a shot at the Fiesta Bowl. If not, it'll be another bowl game, somewhere.


lisaram1955 said...

Right now, I guess the Ducks' hopes are all tied up with what happens between USC and Fresno State.  And Fresno State is putting up a hell of a fight.  Last time I looked, the score was USC 46 Fresno 41.  Matt just came in the room and told me that USC won by a touchdown.  Yay!  I guess that gives the Quackers a crack at a better bowl...

Fog!!!???!!!  It's days like these that make me happy I DON'T live in the Willamette Valley anymore.  It was a lovely day up here in the Northlands...  Sunny and decently warm, high fifties, I would guess.  I LOVE actually being able to see the sun when it isn't raining....!  Lisa  :-]

lisaram1955 said...

Love the chicker-beeps, by the way...  L  :-]

toonguykc said...

My pa is just like me.  He likes animals, but he also likes to complain.  He's 78 and retired.  He has so many birdfeeders around the house and he loves to watch them as he has his morning coffee -- but he bitches about how much they eat, and the cost of birdfood.  "They're eating us out of house and home!!".  

I think the men in our family are animal-lovers who like to complain!  LOL