Saturday, November 26, 2005



I clarify my soul in the snows of  Winter:
Crystal of truth,
Crystal of nature,
Crystal of knowledge,
Clarify any darkness
In by breast, my being, my minds.
Three candles to cleanse my soul
From broad daylight
Til dim of night.  

 I don the breastplate of Wisdom
Wrought of the constellations of Winter.
Vigilance of Orion,
Splendor of Taurus,
Faithfulness of Gemini,
Patience of Cassiopia.
Nine star powers upon my breast
To preserve my soul,
From crack of light
til fall of night.  

Cunning Woman,
Trickster and Clown,
Keep me streetwise
To the wile of the world
This Winter's day
til I come home to you.  

I know it seems a bit odd to ask a Celtic style blessing of constellations that are known by Greek or Latin names. But I've just spent two weeks fogged in at the southern end of the Willamette Valley. And when the fog left the rain came in. If the weather in Ireland is anything like western Oregon, they're darn lucky to see any stars this time of year much less find pictures in the sky of mythical heroes and beasties.   Cunning men or women are traditional conjurers, advisors or herbal healers, and according to the Cunning Folk website  they were common in Britain until the early 1900's.     


toonguykc said...

But you didn't mention "Aries" -- which is my birth sign.  The angry warrior ram with lots of attitude.  Mars.  War.  At least my ma didn't have to be hugely pregnant during the hot Summer months.  ;)


hestiahomeschool said...

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oceanmrc said...

Nice -- thank you.