Monday, November 14, 2005


Between trips to the "reading room" today I spent some time getting to know our new digital camera. Here's a couple of shots of the little lady that's adopted us. She came in at breakfast this morning and checked out part of the house. We're letting her go at her own pace. Hopefully she'll leave a little of her scent around and the inside kitties will get used to the idea. Hoping I know.

Getting used to how to how this machine does things. The second picture is better.


oceanmrc said...

Welcome home, beautiful cat.

toonguykc said...

What a sweet person you are to welcome a homeless little soul into your home.  No wonder I adore you so much!!


visionarydiva1 said...

I would really like to get me a digital camera. I wouldn't begin to know what type to get. I just want to take pictures and email them to family and print them out too. I can use everyone elses but when it is time for me to pick one either the price is to high or it doesn't have the features I think I need. Oh well I hope you take more pictures to share with us.