Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Well, I see that they've inserted little disclaimer notices under the ads. That helps a little I guess. I haven't noticed anything too outrageous blessing me with its presence but on the other hand I usually go out of my way to ignore them. The most interesting thing I've noticed so far is something for a dating service, florists, and B of A ATMS.

The quest to post "my" pictures in my journal continues. At least it works for those great astronomy pictures. And they're the ones that really benefit from being in a larger format. If anyone has any good ideas I'd love to hear them. The weird thing is that some of the stuff that doesn't show up on my PC shows up on my Mac. Go figure. I can't post them that way from the Mac but I can see them. Bless the universe in it's endless quest to keep me from being bored.

Speaking of astronomy, I've probably used the Starry Night software more in the last two weeks than  have in the last year. Of course the recliner is much more comfortable than my desk and chair and the newbie is a laptop. I can reset the home location for just about anywhere in the world. I can look at the night sky my cousin sees from her home in Tauranga in New Zealand. Which I think is kind of neat, Or for the sky over say Ireland this time of year. You can set the software to run in real time and watch stars come out in your living room that you can't see through the rain outside. Or you can set it to advance faster and go through a whole night in about twenty minutes. The weather inside is not only drier but a little warmer.

So far there's snow above us and in all the passes but no snow down here. Since snow lost its appeal about two days after I got my driver's license it can stay up in the mountains, thank you very much. So wherever you are, may you be warm and dry and in the company of friends.

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lisaram1955 said...

For all their dire predictions,  we haven't seen any snow here, either.  The local news was full of people running around like chickens with their heads cut off, getting ready for this "winter storm."  Local predictions were gloomy, but my "Weather Channel" forecasts on AOL just kept saying, "Rain mixed with snow."  No mention of the five-inch accumulations that Portland weather people were talking about.  Oh, well, it may still happen.  Don't know what I'll do about our event this weekend if there's five inches of snow on the ground...  

I don't understand your problems with posting your pictures.  Maybe you need to set up a "Photo Home Page" on AOL hometown.  That's where I upload the pictures I'm going to use in MY journal.  Just type in keyword "hometown," and click on the "1-2-3 Publish" link that comes up on the right.  It will guide you through the process of setting up a photo page.  Just make sure your pics have been "shrunk" to a manageable file size---usually around 1000 k (or something like 5" x 7")-- before you upload them to the web.   You should be able to do that quite handily with your Photoshop software.  What I usually do is save the "shrunk" version of the picture to my desktop, and then pluck it from there to my photo page.  I hope this is making some sense... Lisa  :-]