Friday, July 9, 2004


I've been trying to get a bee and a blossom together since the bees started buzzing and I
finally lucked out. I think this fellow was taking a nap because he took off right after I got the
shot. I believe the lily is called a bee plant. It isn't a day lily but the blossoms act almost like
a day lily. They don't last long, but oh the color. It's one of those colors they keep trying to
duplicate but never get it quite right.

Small rant aimed at Samsung. I love my new camcorder-but..............when it was designed
what possessed you to put the zoom button for the digital camera UNDER the view finder?
Otherwise it's a perfectly good little 2 megapixel camera. And I got my bee. :-)

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mlraminiak said...

Yeah...sometimes you wonder what multi-digited alien they built these cameras for.  With my digital, the "on-off" button is where the shutter button is on one of my other cameras.  I get the shot all perfectly lined up, and then *bip* turn off the camera!  I've almost hurled the damn thing into the surf a couple of times!  Lisa  :-]