Friday, July 16, 2004


Hauled out my old reliable 35 mm SLR this spring. Surprising how fast it comes back to you. It
takes awhile to remember how to "see" what the camera sees. Especially as you switch lenses.
Especially when you are as nearsighted as I am. The digital is fun because you get results right
away. I get better quality with film though. Anticipation is fun, too. It takes a little longer in my
case-I have the processing include the photo cd. Why bother with the hassle of a scanner when
I can get pictures that start at approximately 21x14. Very handy for carving out the best parts.

I've started archiving to Webshots. There is a link in the journals section on the sidebar. I know,
Webshots isn't a journal. Problem is I left that section out when I set up my journal, so I have
to improvise a bit. This way I can put up more pictures without overloading the journal.

The black-eyed susans are starting to show. The cone flowers getting more spectacular all the
time. There are Shasta daisies that came from my grandmothers' yard. When I see them, I
see her too. There are Regal lilies that came from my other grandmother's garden. She's
out there too. With any luck the pictures will turn out well enough to share.

Yes, I'm an old X Files fan. I'm pretty fond of Babylon 5 and the Lord of the Rings, too.

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krobbie67 said...

I've never been a picture afficianado but I am loving having a digital camera for the play factor. I just wish I could develope the creative eye that every one seems to have. :-) ---Robbie