Friday, July 9, 2004


Didn't fill in the mood line. I was feeling pretty good until Jeff Golden of Jefferson Public Radio's
Jefferson Exchange talk show started discussing the 9/11 commissions report. I'm not going there
right now. Plug for JPL. The main station is in Ashland and it gets its name from the "mythical"
state of Jefferson. It covers southwestern Oregon and northwestern California.
Mainly NPR type talk radio and goodcall-ins, some good jazz, fun to listen to.

Taking a couple of days off for a family reunion this weekend. Working mainly on the folks from
my mom's side of the family, especially her dad. We are typical Americans. Scotch-Irish,
English, Welsh. To that mix has been added Spanish, Estonian and I'm not sure what else.
We're scattered over five states and my cousin married a Kiwi and moved to New Zealand.
(They live in Tauranga, not too far north from the Hobbiton set for Lord of the Rings.) So those
can make it will get together and have a good time and e-mail those who couldn't and tell
them what they missed. :-)

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mlraminiak said...

I wish we could get the Ashland station up here.  Sounds like a good one.  Astoria has a fairly decent one, too.  They do some NPR programs, and a lot of music.  We heard the "Scandinavian Hour" last weekend when we were in Seaside!  Lisa  :-]