Saturday, July 3, 2004


So I'm beginning. I share digs with one mom, one slightly used (and increasingly exasperating
IMac) and two cats. Inside there are enough books to stock a small library. Outside there is
lavender, black-eyed susans, blueberries, assorted shrubs and no grass. (more on how that
decision was made later.)

The rest of the immediate family includes two sisters, two wonderful brothers by marriage and
five nephews. One set in Portland the others in the Umatilla area. Gee, one set lives near a
dormant volcano and the others live a hoot and a holler from the Umatilla arms depot. By
dormant volcano I meant Mt. Hood. But, now that I think about it the old SimCity 2000 game
included a scenario that gave you the opportunity to rebuild Portland after Mt. Tabor threw
a temper tantrum.

Ok, enough for the first time. Time to do some exploration of how to add pictures to this.

Hello to Lisa of Coming to Terms with Middle age-I did it. :-)


karynetaylor said...

This beginning sounds good ... I'll be back!! Welcome!

~ Karyn

mlraminiak said...

WOO-HOO!!!!  Welcome to the world of journals.  I'll have to go pimp you now...  Lisa  :-]