Monday, July 5, 2004

What the Yard looked like Before

I guess I should just be glad the pictures are there.
My that's a tiny picture. Clicking on it does help. I down sized that one a bit. The DSL providers
haven't convinced me to give my dial up yet. When I replace my Frankenputer (that is an entry
all by itself) I will get a wireless card and take it from there.

This is a shot of the yard right after we planted the lavender. It's hard to believe it was that
small. There is a second picture that doesn't show. Actually it's there twice. A little closer shot
that I took this year. Lavender, a couple of andromedas, some oregon grape. I am experimenting
with close up photography-it's going to take awhile. Yes, my camcorder includes a digital
camera. A digital camera with a very inconveniently located focussing knob. (various inaudible

For those who have left comments. thank you very much for the feed-back. Hopefully once I get
in the swing of things. I'll update a couple of times a week.

Good night for now.


snkwarren said...

Hello!  Welcome to J-land, home of everyone's opinion on every topic imaginable.  Found you through Lisa, she is an everyday read for me.  Kristi  

ckays1967 said...

Lisa sent me so I am excited to welcome you to the neighborhood!  I adore her even though we've never met.  :)  This will be more fun than you can imagine and twice as rewarding.  Christina