Monday, July 19, 2004


We had an early spring this year. Everything is about two to three weeks ahead of schedule. Add
in some really warm weather and the blueberries that usually last til mid-August are all ready
just about done. Every once in awhile you'll a flutter in the violets below the bushes. Up pops a
small bird-in this case a towee. (they are small, black, speckles on top, white below and red patches
on their sides.) Bird and berry disappear into the violets. Pretty soon up pops the bird. They're
only about six inches long-we can spare a blueberry.....or five.


donah42 said...

How cute! I just love watching birds:)

mlraminiak said...

Little buggers!  I'd probably plant the berries just for the birds!  Lisa  :-]