Saturday, July 17, 2004


We got our new National Geographic today. Normally I respect the work done by the Geographic.
Ought to, we've been taking it since the mid-fifties. However, their article on the overweight
epidemic has me extremely frustrated. I'm not dismissing the problem-I've been fighiting the
problem all my life. I may have more than one entry on this subject.

First rant-the portion sizes old and new section. I don't have a problem with the actural hamburger.
More like a problem with the fat content of the burger and the highly refined carbohydrates in the
bun. I can't argue with the supersize fries. But, nearly half a pound of chocolate? The last time
I checked, a vending machine size bar is a lot smaller than that and that 21 cup tub of
popcorn is nearly a gallon and a half. If you're trying to scare me guys-it's not working. Heck,
I can't even get through a bag of microwave popcorn these days. I take about a quarter-the
few times I make it at work and leave the rest for my co-workers.

What I have discovered for myself is that one size (if you'll pardon the expression) does not fit
all. Do some reading-I have found some of the material by Dr. Andrew Weil useful. He's not as
strict on overall fat as the Ornish program-but he's fonder of soybeans than I am. It takes
some time to work through some of the nutritian basics-don't give up. Most of all, listen to
your body and don't give up. Some days are better than others. And hard as it is to accept-I
didn't gain it all overnight and much as I'd like to lose it overnight, it ain't gonna happen.

One thing that does help-every five pounds you lose is more noticeable than the last.

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krobbie67 said...

"One thing that does help-every five pounds you lose is more noticeable than the last."

I never thought about that, but it is so true. The "weight epidemic" seems like an odd topic for the National Geographic. My biggest gripe today is portion size and calorie content. The girls at work like to order out a lot. They would ask if I wanted something and I'd go to the restaurant's website to check out the menu. It's shocking how many calories are in some of the stuff out there. A slice of Pizza Hut Pizza, a burrito from Del Taco...etc. etc... It's unbelievable and it wouldn't even keep me satiated for the rest of the afternoon

A good way to add soybeans to your diet. Buy edame(sp?) beans and add them to your salads. They give it a nice crunch even though they don't have much taste themselves. :-) ---Robbie