Sunday, July 25, 2004


The close up lenses are everything I hoped they'd be. Exhibit #1-one slightly fuzzy bumblebee.
Getting the bobbling be and lavender blossom to stay still long enough to shoot is one challenge.
I'm sure I look very interesting swaying slightly back and forth trying to keep up with them. Note
bumblebees seem to be heavier than you'd think for their size.

Shot I didn't get this morning. Camera shy dragon fly perched on the top of a gladiola stalk. Wings
gleaming gold in the sunshine. Did get the butterfly (yellow) on the butterfly bush (purple). I hope
to heck that it was in focus when I tripped the shutter. It'll probably be a couple of weeks before
I find out. Yeah, there is one hour processing, but this is a new role and I like the version with
the phot cd. Wonderful what you can tease out of a picture when you have 21x14 to work with.

Personal note. One of my nephews is trying out for U of O football this fall. If he makes the team
and actually gets to play very much his freshman year this proud auntie probably won't be able
to resist mentioning him occasionally. Any mention of brains, musical talent, and good looks
will be purely accidental. Actually the kid is exceptionally bright, plays a mean set of jazz
drums and is a good combination of his mom and dad in the looks department. ;-)

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krobbie67 said...

Congrats on the nephew! :-) ---Robbie