Saturday, July 10, 2004


Had a thought yesterday, one that I hope doesn't pan out. The vice president has been acting
rather odd lately. Not only did he tell senator Leahy to do something anatomically impossible
and then shrug it off, (I can tell you this-my father was a fairly gentle man. If someone had
made a remark like that to him, the "I'm feeling better" remark would have been made from
a seated position-on the floor.) he asked the audience applauding a speech last Sunday
"you guys want to hear this speeck or not?" This quote is from Maureen Dowd's column in
the Friday Register Guard from Eugene Oregon.

The man has had four heart attacks-the last in 2000. Unfortunately your coronary arteries
arn't the only ones affected when arteries start narrowing. I hope I'm wrong. My grandmother
had Alzheimers and I don't wish any kind of mental deterioration on anyone, but you have to
wonder. Whether it's stress, a medical condition, or just the bad interpersonal habits of a
lifetime-do we want this man involved in setting public policy or a heart beat away from the


krobbie67 said...

Great flower and bee pic! I haven't paid much attention to the Veep lately. I am however, amazed that he has stepped out of the woodwork more so lately. After 9/11 he seemed to have dropped off the radar screen which I found a bit odd.
:-) ---Robbie

mlraminiak said...

Matt and I were just discussing the Cheney vs Edwards thing this morning.  The big argujment FOR Cheney by the GOP is, "Vice-President Cheney is prepared to be president."  And I thought, "I've got news for you, folks...he already IS.  Bush is and always has been just the mouthpiece...(and a not very good one at that.)  Pretty much just the vehicle that took Cheney to the White House.  Pretty scarey.  Lisa  :-]  

donah42 said...

He scares me, more than Dubya! And that's pretty scary!