Monday, July 12, 2004

Starting a Second Journal

After starting this journal I've realized that I have some interestes that don't really fit in this
one. So, for anyone who might be interested. I have a second journal. This one will be
oriented more towards history and the politics of how we (in my opinion for what it's worth)
ended up where we are.

This journal will remain focused on the pixels. posies, and pussycats. I have been working on
losing weight for the last couple of years and am down about 92 pounds from where I started.
I have definate opinions on how our food is treated, how our drugs are marketed and some
favorite authors that I would like to share. They have been a help to me and may be useful to
somebody else out in the journal universe

The link my other journal is down in the links to other journals section with Lisa's Coming to Terms
with Middle Age

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krobbie67 said...

Another journal? I have trouble keeping up with one. I just make mine eclectic. You never know what you'll find there. LOL! :-) ---Robbie