Sunday, July 4, 2004

Where the Grass Went

Our last gas mower lasted over 15 years. The power mower took a powder after just 5 years.
So what is the real problem here? Mom is 78 going on 68 and I've got two cranky knees. If the
grass is the problem, what is the answer? If you get rid of the grass what do you replace it

The answer-lots of stuff. One thing, no new Rhodies. We live in the Springfield, Oregon area
and rhodendrons are gone by mid-June. This year was a warm spring-and the last rhodie was
out by June 1. Doesn't leave much for the rest of the year. We don't get much really cold
weather until late October. That's a long stretch with nothing but the roses for interest.

I didn't know there were so many kinds of Lavender.

Plug for the Sawmill Ballroom Lavender Farm-last time I checked they have a website under
that name. It was hard not to put in eveything that looked interesting the first year. Good
thing we waited. Those little black-eyed susans that we put in last year are up to my waist and
loaded with buds. The often moved purple cone-flower has quadrupled this year. Oh, and do
bumble bees love lavender.

This summer we added an elderberry and a couple of evergreen huckleberries. We all ready
had blueberries-the squirrels and towees like blueberries and strawberries. Last year I watched
a squirrel check out the strawberries, pick one, eat the red part and discard the rest.

The neighborhood cats don't necessarily hunt the birds but they do check out to see what's
new, bat a butterfly and and help mom.

Speaking of cats-I'm being told that the one-eyed monster has had enough of my attention.
"Pet us now."


mlraminiak said...

Hard to believe that some huge percentage of the country's grass seed is grown here in the Willamette Valley, but grass grow like s**t here.  Give me shrubs, trees, groundcovers, gravel, bricks...ANYTHING but grass!   Lisa  :-]  

sistercdr said...

Found my way over here through Lisa. I envy you knowing her in real life.  My cats are incredibly jealous of my keyboard, but one of my kittens has learned how to share.  He sleeps with his head on the keyboard, but has learned not to touch the keys.

krobbie67 said...

Welcome to the neighborhood! I was sent here by Lisa. :-) ---Robbie

merelyp said...

It's so fun to start a journal read from the beginning.  I thank Lisa for pointing me in this direction.  Love your sense of lavendar and title-making.  Anxious for more.

~~mumsy  (can be found at:)

karensull12 said...

Welcome to AOL Journals!!!  You'll have a blast.  I'm a pal of Lisa's(journal).  Your picture is beautiful!