Thursday, July 15, 2004


Let me introduce the four legged members of the family. First up is Lucky, as in "Lucky to have
a home." We adopted her from a co-worker several years ago. She is big wussy pussy. She
likes to "talk" to you, hold hands and will let me know that I have been playing with the One
Eyed Monster (computer) long enough by sticking my gently (usually) in the hip pocket. She
has one sound that sounds like "no". What's really weird is she uses it when no would be the
right thing to say. Bedtime for instance.

Number two is Misty. She is a sweet long legged, long tailed little lady. She was also adopted.
In this case we had to have out last cat put down. When we asked the vets opinion on the local
humane society for adoptions, she smiled and said "we adopt too." When we were introduced
she immediately tucked her head under my chin and cuddled just as close as she could. They
have both been fixed ("we didn't know we were broken"). They generally are housecats, but
Misty can get across the garage in about three bounds and is through the door like a flash. She
doesn't go far, but darn keeping the fleas at bay is hard enough without picking up a new crew.

Both keep busy moving from window to window, keeping track of the local birds, squirrels and
other cats. They are good friends.

Lisa wrote recently about one of her cats, Andrew. I remember Andrew very well. As far as
he was concerned you came to visit him. Any benefits to anyone else were a bonus. Someday
perhaps she'll write about Marvel. Sweet cat, had the most orginal blue green eyes. She was
round. Round eyes, round head and looked like she'd swallowed a volley ball. She loved laps.


mlraminiak said...

Thanks for the "Marbie" plug.  She was such a sweetie...I still miss her.  Though Maudie is so much like her, I sometimes find myself calling her "Marb."  Mr. Matt just told me he has committed to a new baby...someone at his work has had a litter of kittens (well, you know what I mean) and they have an orange-and-white that will need a home.  We've been in the market for just that!  So, in about six weeks, we'll have a new child!  Lisa  :-]

krobbie67 said...

Your cats sound adorable! I loved the story of Lisa's cat. Very heartwrenching though. :-) ---Robbie